Products - Waterless Car Wash & Gloss

Waterless Car Wash & Gloss

The need of the hour is to save as much water as we can save so that there is no shortage of water. Clean & Shine your car in less than 15 minutes. Not suitable for glass area. Will remove dirt, bird droppings and other foreign materials with ease and will not damage the paint. Can be used to remove ingrained drit from decals and logos of the car.


  • Save water. Use this product to remove dirt with ease
  • Provides an amazing gloss too
  • Removes bird droppings and tough dirt with ease
  • Not for glass area

Direction for use

  • Shake well before use
  • Remove dust from the surface using a slightly wet microfiber cloth
  • Spray this product on a clean microfiber cloth
  • Clean the surface with the microfiber cloth by changing sides to avoid using the dirty part of the cloth
  • Not to be used on glass/window/mirror surface