Products - Microfiber Cloth Washing Liquid

Microfiber Cloth Washing Liquid

This is the only product for microfiber care. Microfiber cloths are expensive and maintaining them for their lonivity is necessary. This detergent is made with a blend of chemicals that removes dirt from the microfiber with ease and keeps the cloth soft after every wash. Gives a wonderful fragrance and keeps the cloth intact. Not for machine use.


  • The 1st in India. Suitable for microfiber and towels too.
  • Microfiber cloth are expensive even today and maintaining them like new is very necessary to have a longer life
  • This home grown indigenous product will keep the microfiber cloth soft and not let it become hard
  • Gives a fresh blast of fragrance to the cloth along with maintaing the fibers intact, removing dirt from within the fabric.
  • Dissolves wax, polish and other detailing chemicals. Keeps the fabric soft and like new

Direction for use

  • Shake well before use
  • Add 10 ml to 2L of luke warm water
  • Soak the dirty microfiber cloth or towel into this and leave for about an hour
  • Remove the cloth and wash with clean water
  • Dry in shade only