Care & Support


  • Always wear seat belts while driving
  • High beams of your head lights are not for city driving (avoid using those)
  • Never drink and drive (Take a cab)
  • Never use your mobile phone while driving
  • Get your cars tyre pressure checked periodically (For good mileage)
  • Get the wheel balancing & alignment done every 5000kms and use CARSZINI Tyre Polish which nourishes the tyre and keeps it like new.
  • Get your vehicle serviced periodically (as per manufacturer's manual)
  • Get your vehicle's insurance renewal and emission testing done on time
  • Always keep a copy of your vehicle’s registration certificate, driving license, insurance copy and a first aid kit in the glove box of your car
  • Please do follow all traffic rules to avoid injuring yourself/others (Life is precious)
  • Always follow lane discipline (TO avoid huge traffic jams)
  • Drive safe…. Drive slowly…... Have a happy CARSZINI drive
  • We would love to see you clean your car with CARSZINIPremium Car Care products always